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Save Big On Top-Rated Universal Concealed Carry Belly Band Holster

Fits 100s of Pistols - Comfortably Conceal Carry - Whether You're Wearing Pants, Gym Shorts, Yoga Pants, or Overalls!

Introducing The ULTIMATE Belly Band Holster 
When you order today, you get all this: 
  • TacX Belly Band Holster ($80 value)
  • ​FREE BONUS: 300 Lm LED TacLight ($15 value)
  • ​FREE BONUS: Express Shipping ($12 value)
  • FREE BONUS: Top 10 Concealed Carry Mistakes eBook ($37 value)
  • ​​30 Day "No Questions Asked Return Policy"  
  • ​1 Year Manufacturer Warranty 

Today Only: 
$97 $29.97

Includes FREE Express Shipping, FREE Exchanges, Free 1 Year Warranty

A Letter From Taylor, Founder:
Fellow Patriots: 

At TacX, we understand the pains of spending $100s on specific gun holsters for each gun only to find them sitting on a shelf 3 months later because they were either bulky, uncomfortable, or because you wanted to carry a different gun for a while. 

this was me just a few years ago...

Then I heard about belly band holsters... and it all changed. 

I scoured the market and found that none of the belly band holsters sold by "the other guys" really fit my needs... 

There were not many that were comfortable, some were cheaply made, others did not offer any features... nowhere to store spare mags... nowhere to store extra gear, or my phone, or my wallet... 

I knew that I could design a holster that fit my needs and that others would find value in as well.

6 months later I had my first prototype and was getting Feedback from some of our existing customers... A few months after that, their comments were incorporated and...

The TacX Belly Band Bundle was born...

i knew that if i could create a belly band holster that i would wear (i'm extremely picky), one that would serve my needs (I'm fairly active).... Then most people would enjoy the holster too...

And if more people enjoyed the Holster.. that would mean more people would conceal carry...

at tacX, we Believe when more Responsible americans carry concealed... The world is a safer place. 

you see, Our mission at TacX Pro Gear is to equip America with comfortable and versatile concealed carry gear and Pro-2nd Amendment products. 

In support of that mission, we believe that the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. 

Additionally, we believe a society that is well-armed, well-trained, and well-equipped (with functional & practical gear) is fundamental to our Nation’s future and success.

I created TacX Pro Gear in 2017 with the goal of delivering awesome concealed carry gear and Pro-2nd Amendment products to true americans across this great country. 

however, i knew that if the gear that i was crating was not comfortable, fellow Patriots like you would not be as prone to carry every day... 

At TacX , we Believe in CONSISTENT Concealed Carry.....

What good are comfortable holsters, cool tactical lights, the hottest new CC firearm, mag extensions, or the latest pistol sights if you aren’t carrying consistently?

We believe that concealed carry, and the right to bear arms established by our Forefathers, are one of the few things holding this country together and keeping us safe and free.

If you’re like us, you understand the importance of consistent concealed carry…  I Invite You To Join Us On This Mission And Order One Of Our Belly Band Holsters Today.

If you don't love it, i'll buy it back from you!

live free. Carry Often.

TacX Pro Gear, LLC
Everything You've Ever Wanted In A Holster
  • Universal Design For Nearly All Guns 
  •  This Is The Most Comfortable, Versatile Holster You'll Ever Wear!
  •  Over $100 VALUE in BONUSES Included With Bundle!
  •  Great For Running or Jogging & Working Out
  •  Numerous Concealed Carry Positions 
  •  Keeps Your Gun Secure - Strong Elastic Retention Strap 
  •  Conceal Inside The Waistband IWB or Outside OWB 
  •  Adjustable Neoprene Carrying System For Pistols (Small: 36" Standard: 44", XL: 54" circumference - "Not Pants Size") 
  •  Sewn-in Spare Magazine Pouch 
  •  Sewn-in Waterproof, Zippered Gear Pouch 
  •  RFID Blocking Liner In Zipper Pocket (great for carrying Wallets, keys, CC Permit, etc) 
  •  1 Year Manufacturer Warranty 
  •  $$$$ FREE BONUSES Included With Order
More Reasons Why....
  • Breathable Neoprene
  • Versatile Carry Compartments
  • Premium Materials
  • ​Sewn-in Spare Mag Pouch
  • ​Multiple Sizes To Fit Nearly Any Body Type
  • ​Universal Gun Design
  • Free Express Shipping
  • Comfortable
  • IWB or OWB
  • BONUS LED Tac Light
  • ​​RFID Blocking Zipper Compartment
  • ​​Waterproof Zipper Compartment
  • ​Premium Velcro Band
  • ​1 Year Warranty
... but don't just take my word for it
Here's What You Need To Know: 
The TacX Belly Band Holster is the most versatile and comfortable way to conceal carry. 

This light-weight UNIVERSAL holster is made from the highest quality neoprene and designed with micro air holes to wick away sweat for ultimate ventilation and breathability.

The universal fit accommodates a wide range of waist sizes and is strategically designed for for unmatched stealth & functionality

Whether drawing or securing your firearm, you can trust that it will be quick, silent, and easy!
The World's Most Versatile and Comfortable Way To Conceal Carry On The Market Today! 

With The World’s Best Belly Band Holster, It Is Easy To Conceal Almost Any Hand Gun Securely And Is Offered In Right And Left Hand Versions For Men and Women. 

The Universal Design Offers Comparability With Hundreds Of Firearm Models Making This The Only Holster You Will Ever Need. See Below For Tested Gun Compatibility.
The versatile holster design allows for secure, concealed carry of any size firearm from full size 1911s & Glock 21s, to mid-size autos like the Glock 19 and Springfield XDeven sub-compact pistols like the Glock 43, Ruger LCP, and the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard

Also compatible with small & mid-size revolvers.
This Holster Is Form Fitting Up To 44" (Measure At Hips).

XL Model (Based On Availability) Fits Up To 54" Circumference

The "Go-To" Everyday Concealed Carry Holster (based on feedback from Active Duty Military and Police) for Jogging, Running, Exercise, Hiking, Camping, Every Day Errands, etc. 

Safely Carry your ID, Carry Permit, Money, Keys, Phone, etc. in the 
Zipper Pouch Lined With RFID-Blocking Material


 You Can Conceal More Gear, Magazines, Flashlight, Knife, Pepper Spray, etc. in the 
Sewn-In Spare Mag Pouch
The Tacx Belly Band Gun Holster Is Ergonomically Designed To Provide Ultimate Comfort And Unparalleled Quality

Premium Neoprene Fits Comfortably Against Your Skin And Stretches When You Bend. 

Sweat-wicking Micro Air Holes Improve Skin-to-holster Ventilation & Breathability To Reduce Sweat Build Up And Prevents Slipping. 

Adjustable Velcro Band Allows You To Find The Perfect Fit For Your Body & Your Gun. 

Zig-zag Cross Stitching Ensures Long Lasting Durability. 
Order Today And Receive FREE  BONUS GIFTS
Bonus Gift #1: 
($15 Value)
(Ships Free With Belly Band Purchase)
Alpha1 Tac Light
Utilizes (1) AA Battery (Not Included). 
Bonus Gift #2: 
($37 value)
(New eBook Delivered Via Email)
10 Crucial Concealed Carry Mistakes eBook
Don't Become A Statistic
Bonus Gift #3: 
($97 value)
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Your Purchase Worries Have Just Been Reduced To ZERO!

We Hold Our Products To A Very High Standard And Assume You Will Do The Same. 

The Tacx Belly Band Holster Was Designed And Quality Tested In Georgia. 

Each Tacx Holster Comes With A 30 Day Buy & Try Guarantee 
& Includes A 1 YEAR MANUFACTURER Warranty.

Our Aim Is To Provide Quality Products To The Men And Women Dedicated To Protecting Themselves, Their Families, And Our World.
(If for some reason you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, you can keep the TacX Alpha1 TacLight AND eBook! That's Over $45 Of Value As Our Promise!)
You’ll LOVE Wearing The TacX Belly Band Holster 
Or We’ll Give You Your Money Back!

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